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The expert on Food and Author Dzhonni Bouden Explain Food additives

Kevin: there are many additions today to choose from. Expenses can be high, and I do not know, whether they work. If you are on the budget, what pure additions, what you think, what people should be really concerned or should use?
Dzhonni: If I have to choose one if you place the weapon in my head, and I should choose one addition which would have to self-th basis a shot-gun approach to health which does the majority of things for the majority of people and that the majority of people lacks in it, there should be a cod-liver oil. Even repeated vitamin, is a lot of people on this requirement eats really big. They eat many crude products. They receive enzymes, and they eat yoghurt or other naturally excited products, and they receive some probiotiku. Let's assume that they receive ton of vitamins from their vegetables and fruit though the majority of people lacks in some of them but if you could take only one, three omegi only have the widest range of advantage for health and are most of all necessary the majority of people. So that there would be my number one with a bullet.
There are others downwards the list. Certainly, multivitamins, magnesium. 75 % of magnesium reach less than a magnesium optimum level. Probiotika - good. Digestive enzymes. There are many various things and then is final, you enter into various conditions of health both various things and various problems which various people have. If there are some warm problems or something to make with - if someone's on staten treatment, to lower cholesterol and it is the whole other discussion but if you are on one of there is no even a doubt, you should go co-enzyme addition Q10. Absolutely 100 % and if your doctor speaks to you differently, change doctors. Drugs Staten seriously settle koferment Q10. It is vital nutrient for heart. If you are on kofermente treatments Staten, Q10 above the list.
For an energy exhaustion there are all kinds of various things. If people have sugar problems in blood, and I speak about all it in the Most effective Natural Treatments on the Earth. To support your health with various kinds of conditions and the condition is not obligatory to cure various natural instructions, but to support your health and be able probably reduce treatment or be able probably place something in clearing or reduce quantity of flashes of attacks of an asthma or spots or any of these various things. It can be helped by various dietary strategy of addition, but again, come back to that is one thing that people on the budget, one thing which they can take. It has told, I should tell cod-liver oil.
Kevin: Any certain additions for women?
Dzhonni: Well, certainly cod-liver oil again, because it - something both requirements of floors. If someone beremenen, I think that it is number one with a bullet because a developing germ again, the brain makes 60 % in razves, fat and the most part of that fat - DHA. So again, it is vital. I think that folic acid is especially important. It is important for men and for women. I not one of those people which think that there is an extensive distinction in what men and women require. There are some things as iron which men only should not take, but folic acid if you have age of pregnancy or whether you intend to become pregnant women or not age of pregnancy, you should take folic acid each day. If you drink, you should take folic acid every day. Thus it is other addition which only has remarkable privileges in a myriad of ways, but certainly any of age of pregnancy should take it.
Then besides I think calcium, magnesium. I think we resold about that, how many calcium we should take. I think that it is the whole various discussion, but I do not think that we require almost such considerable quantity of calcium as to us have told. That we should make, is food things of a stop which delete calcium from our system, and then we should not take the most part of it.
I am more disturbed that people do not receive magnesium enough. I think that vitamin D is going to be not noticed nutritious hero of this decade. We now see, how low the recommendation was in comparison with value which has this vitamin and how many from epidemic of deficiency of vitamin D we have in this country and as vital which is for health at many various levels. It has an anticancer activity.
I only interviewed for the dramatized programme yesterday, the author of the book under the name Dark blue Zones which is that it has made for the National Geographical Researcher and it has found four areas in the world: Sardinia, Okinawa, the remote peninsula in Costa Rica and Lomy Linda Kalifornii's area where Adventists of the seventh day live. It has found these four areas in the world that they named dark blue zones, where people live to be hundred, they live in fantastic health. They have an energy. There are people whom is more than hundred years which are tilling areas. These pockets of durable healthy existence both they have gone, and he was engaged in investigations to see with people, could have together. All of them live in solar climates. All of them received a lot of vitamin D. Now there are many things which they have together, also; the diets very highly founded on factory, for example, the big activity and is a lot of communications with other people. All that material, but one of the central things was vitamin D communication. Thus I think that it is vitamin that almost all can benefit from, from a capture it is more. We do not do almost enough with it. We receive it, ridiculous low RDA 400 IUs in day is unnecessary. It is ridiculously low. It would be another that we could benefit.
Kevin: Why you said, what men should not take iron additions?
Dzhonni: as we do not have any way to get rid of iron. At menstruiruyushchikh women there is a monthly cycle in which they lose blood and consequently, can get rid of a part of iron which collects in their bodies. Iron is very poisonous to a body when it collects. So, if you menstruiruete, at you are a way to get rid of it. If you not menstruiruete if you - concerning by the period after menopauzy the woman or the person, you do not take iron because it is included into system, and it can absolutely oxidise. It can be a component - there are only many communications with a heart trouble and all kinds of other things. You do not want some saved up iron in a body. Thus I would tell it for any person, polyvitaminic without iron and for any concerning the period after menopauzy women polyvitaminic without iron.


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